Finding the Right Gear for YouTube

YouTube is just exploding right now. The original YouTube stars from a decade ago seem to be set for life. However, those that are starting out now still have a great chance of making it. One of the only investments that a person will need for a job in this industry is a camera for YouTube. You will need to invest in a quality camera to make it work.

Why Get Quality Video Gear?

It seems with phones becoming more high tech, that people would just need to walk around with a selfie stick and record their day. The problem with this is that you might be distorted shots. The stick will appear in the picture as well. This can look unprofessional. It can also distract from what you are doing.

The best idea is to get a camera for YouTube that you can put on a stand. This way, you have non visually distorted images. A video that is recorded for YouTube needs to feel like your audience is in the room with you. When you position a camera, you can get a wide encompassing sweep of a room. Then you can be focused on what you do best- performing for the camera.

How Much Will a Good Video Camera Cost Me?

This seems to be the question that most newbies have. They want to be invested, but they don’t want to break their life savings. It stands to reason then that you should initially try filming with your phone. Once you realize how uncomfortable this is, then you will probably want to get a camera for YouTube instead. reviews and lists the best gadgets in the market. You and find useful information about selecting a good camera for YouTube here.

You will probably find that you can get by purchasing a lower quality model. For example, the Sony – Handycam CX405 Flash Memory Camcorder is around $200. Then you will have to look into purchasing a stand. These can cost anywhere from $30 upwards. It all depends on you.

It’s actually not a bad investment to have a camcorder and a stand. If you end up not making money on YouTube, then you can use the camcorder to record your life events. It can make a fun hobby and people always love family movies. You might even find a real gem and then want to retry your hand at YouTube.


Your life is an adventure and you only live once. If you want a camera for YouTube, then you should go about purchasing one. It will make your days richer and you can even make a career out of YouTube. It just takes a little gumption and you will be ready to make videos that people are envious of. That can certainly give you a lot of confidence in a new trade that is as competitive as media arts.