Vegan friendly websites, worth visiting:

Thrive cuisinea great website about health and veganism

Vegan LondonThe resource page for vegans in London

Raw vegan living blog

Transitioning to rawall about transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle

Veggie in Chiang Mai

Vegan-Supplement-Checklistindependent supplements guide to lead a healthy vegan life 

Grain free living, resources and recipies

Vrg.orgThe Vegetarian Resource Group 

Christian Christian Vegetarian Associationção Vegetariana Portuguesa 

Vegan.siSlovenian vegan society

Vegvids.vegfund.orgwatch, learn, act!

The vegan

Veggie athletic.comVegan. Health. Fitness. Ethics




Grumpy vegan

NutriciouslyHealthy Plant-Based Eating

The vegan rdthoughts on being vegan a dietitian’s perspective

Vegalicious.Recipes600 delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes for a better world

The comforting vegan

Vegan LovlieVegan recipes, fusion Mauritian recipes, all things crafty & lovely

Veggie-Kids,  Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes

Hashtag Vegan,  vegan recipes, vegan cooking tips, vegan idea.

VeganMainstream,  Vegan Business Consulting & Training

Burger Abroad,  vegan travel lifestyle

Greedy,  Vegan blog

Beautiful Vegan Kitchen,   Sharing delicious vegan recipes and health and lifestyle tips.

Fry family,  Vegan, Food made good

Good,  Good Eatings, vegan and gluten-free

Life currents,  Thoughts about strong mind, healthy body, and tasty treats

Livin on th,  a vegan lifestyle blog

London Vegan Societies,  Turning your neighbourhood vegan

The Minimalist Vegan,  Eat Well, Live Mindfully

The Tartan,  Scottish Vegan and Vegetarian Hub

The Vegan Truth blog,  The next step for humanity

Vegan,  Learn how to cook vegan and raw food for every occasion

Vegan feminist, 

Vegan,  Vegan starter kit

Be Fair Be, 

Doga,  Durham Organic Gardeners Association

Dora,  Simple, Healthy, Vegetarian Recipes That Anyone Can Make!

Ethi,  is about our spiritual growth and spirituality

Other interesting websites:

Dog per day,  Cute puppy pictures, dog photos and videos, organic dog food

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