How Can We Stop Animal Cruelty?

… by taking 5 straightforward steps.

5 steps

So, PAY ATTENTION! We’re going to whip you into shape with the Animal Sentience Bootcamp!

Step 1

a) If you love ALL animals, please go to straight to Step 2.

b) If you don’t love animals, or you do love animals but think they are not worthy of that much consideration, when there are so many other problems in the world, or you think only certain animals matter, or you think  “It doesn’t matter – they’re only animals”, or any other myriad of excuses for animal cruelty, then please watch all the videos lower down this page.
When you have taken this challenge, please go to Step 2.

c) If you are still of the same outdated opinion, please watch ALL THE VIDEOS AGAIN and pay attention this time!  Then I also want you to CLICK HERE  Then you can proceed to Step 2

If you are still stuck at Step c) you have once again failed the Animal Sentience Bootcamp!! Please return to Step c) continue your training until you are able to proceed to Step 2

Step 2

Now please start on the road to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Read through the Problem and the Solution pages (top menu) and just make a start. So the next time you buy something, you will know if you are causing animal cruelty. Go slowly! Concentrate on one purchase a week, or month, or whatever YOU feel comfortable with.
Note: It is for you, (and only you) to define what animal cruelty means to you. For example; You may think its ok to use honey. That is your decision and nobody else’s.

Step 3

Sign just one petition a week. You can find the main ones Here (under the Useful stuff heading).
It takes less than a minute and can have a massive impact on stopping animal cruelty. Do it on a designated day so it’s imprinted in your mind.

Step 4

Get ready to give me your hard-earned money! Did you notice the header at the top of the page? I want to buy as many of these (or similar) billboard adverts as I can, to spread the cruelty-free message and I really need your help. I am currently investigating the feasibility of this on-going project and the legal framework that is required, so why not follow me and let’s create a revolution against animal cruelty. We can do this!

Step 5

Become an armchair Animal Activist like me! Click here to find out how!

Be proud! You are part of a revolution and you are making history. Stand tall against the tyranny of animal cruelty!

I want to share with you my road to cruelty-free.  I’m just an ordinary person and I am constantly learning.  Join me and lets learn together!

How can we REALLY stop animal cruelty?

Crossed out wallet

Answer: Stop giving money to the people who cause it!

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