How to Stop Animal Cruelty.

Hello animal lovers.

Just a quick note as to what’s going on…

This is the new website of http://www.Animal-Welfare.Org. I am in the process transferring the content from the old website to here, so there are quite a few things missing at the moment, so please bear with me.

The reason for the change is quite simple. The old site was too jumbled and had no clear call to action. I’m trying to make this site a lot more straightforward and punchy. So we’ll know exactly what we have to do – we just have to do it. We CAN do this! We can stop animal cruelty. It’s already happening. Be part of the revolution!

The Rise of Animal Rights!



How can we REALLY stop animal cruelty?

Crossed out wallet

Answer: Stop giving money to the people who cause it!


Welcome to my website that’s designed to help explain that causing animal cruelty is wrong and not necessary!


Everybody wants animal cruelty to stop, (well that’s not entirely true but we’ll investigate this later).


smiley faceI’d like to share with you my road to cruelty-free.  I’m just an ordinary person and I am constantly learning.  Join me and lets learn together!



I am going to tell you the truth.

Isad icon want this website to be inspirational but there are sections of the site that deal with the horrific consequences of certain purchases and it is extremely unpleasant.  For the benefit of our younger audience I will show 18 + signs and adequate warnings well in advance.
If you are over 18 please don’t skip these sections because it is the shock that will change the way you think and keep you motivated.

Be proud! You are part of a revolution and you are making history. Stand tall against the tyranny of animal cruelty!

We are not alone!

There are thousands of people joining the road to cruelty-free every day. Every one of us is discovering the hidden truth about the causes of animal cruelty and are so appalled that they have resolved to start to change, so you’re in really good company. Use the Menus at the top of the page to find your way around the site or use the search facility if you get lost.

Have your say!

This site can can only really work effectively if you have your say. I welcome new ideas and constructive suggestions/feedback, so get commenting! Keep it polite though please!

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