Everybody loves animals!

Nobody has the right to mistreat ANY animal - even if they own the animal.

...but many people cause animal cruelty without realising.

The simple action of going shopping often unfolds a series of events that are truly horrifying.

Most people simply refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Looking away will not stop the heartbreaking animal cruelty.

However, using your money with a compassionate mindset WILL make a massive difference.

Animal cruelty, in nearly every case, needs money to continue. This is the weapon which we will fight animal cruelty with.

We CAN have a better future for all animals.

Join us and thousands of ordinary people who will speak up for the animals.



5 steps

So, how Can We Stop Animal Cruelty?


… by taking 5 straightforward steps.

Step 1

Please love ALL animals (not just pets).

Step 2

Please think about making a start on the road to a cruelty-free lifestyle. Read through the Problem and Solution pages. So the next time you buy something, you will have a better idea if you are inadvertently causing animal cruelty. Go slowly! Concentrate on one purchase a week, or month, or whatever YOU feel comfortable with.
Note: It is for you, (and nobody else) to define what animal cruelty means to you. For example; You may think its ok to use honey. That is your decision and nobody else’s.

Step 3

Please sign just one petition a week. You can find the main ones with a quick search on the internet.
It takes less than a minute and can have a massive impact on stopping animal cruelty. Why not do it on a designated day so it’s imprinted in your mind.

Step 4

Get ready to give me your hard-earned money! Take a look at the AWO Appeal. I want us to buy as many of these (or similar) billboard adverts as we can, to spread the cruelty-free message and I really need your help. I am currently investigating the feasibility of this on-going project and the legal framework that is required, so why not follow me and let’s create a revolution against animal cruelty. We can do this!

Step 5

Become an armchair Animal Activist like me! Click here to find out how!

Be proud! You are part of a revolution and you are making history. Stand tall against the tyranny of animal cruelty!

I want to share with you my road to cruelty-free.  I’m just an ordinary person and I am constantly learning.  Join me and lets learn together!

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